13, February 2020

Many Reasons to Love Puerto Rico on Valentines Day

Valentines Day

It’s been a tough year… a tough few years. It seems like the hits just keep on coming, and yet somehow Puerto Rico is still standing tall. For Valentines Day this year, PR Title Loan wanted to take a look at some of the reasons we take such pride in our land and our people.

Power to the People

When the people of Puerto Rico asked Governor Ricardo Rossello to resign, he did not listen. So the people demanded he step down with angry (but peaceful) protests. Rossello wanted to assign his own successor, and we, the people did not allow that, either.

The government was getting out of control, but the people put it in check. Our strength is a beautiful thing.

Charity, Even in Tragedy

Through hurricanes and earthquakes that batter our shores, we always reach down to pick up our neighbors. Instead of looting and crime rates spiking after natural disasters, we all work together to rebuild.

This applies to the neighborhoods working together, the rescue crews, and everyone who lent a helping hand when needed. It also applies to Orlando Bravo, the first Puerto Rican billionaire, who recently donated $100 million towards promoting economic growth.

Our loyalty and character, those are beautiful things, too.

Don’t Hate Us Because We’re Beautiful

Sometimes it’s hard to be humble when your country is so dynamic and gorgeous, or when your food is the best in the world. Maybe that’s why we get hit so hard, to remind us we are still on earth and not in Heaven.

No everyone celebrates Valentines Day, and this year some of you may not think you should.

But we have a lot to celebrate. We have a lot to love.

We are an amazing country, an amazing people, and Valentines Day is as good a day as any to celebrate that.

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