9, July 2020

San Juan Title Loans

San Juan title loans

In San Juan title loans are not hard to find. There are several reputable companies in the city that specialize in these kind of loans.

So why should you pick PR Title Loan?

What makes us different… and what makes us better?

Locally Owned & Operated

PR Title Loan is a locally owned and operated business. Our employees work here, live here, and care about the community. We have a commitment to San Juan and to Puerto Rico, and we value that commitment every day.

We make sure that San Juan title loans are fast, convenient, and above all fair.

Of course, our services are available to any and all who own their car or truck. Before the loan can be finalized, we need to visually inspect the car, a step that keeps some people applying.

But our loan estimate tool is free for everyone! Even if you can’t get your loan from us, you can still find out what we have to offer!

San Juan Title Loans

We are not a bank, we are a private lending company with one focus – providing fast and easy car title loans. That is all we do, and we do it better than anyone.

What gives us the edge?

— We don’t want your car, just the title paperwork! That’s all! You might notice some other lenders who have big fenced-in lots filled with repossessed cars. Not us, that is not how we operate.

— We provide flexible repayment options, from a few weeks to over a year!

— All new customers get the first 30 days of the loan 100% free of interest and fees!

— Contactless service! Fill out the application online, come by for a visual inspection of your car, and drive away!

Our friendly loan experts are available to answer any questions you may have, call or click to contact us today!

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