25, July 2019

Same Day Title Loans

same day title loans

Why should you have to wait for your money? If you are looking for a title loan, chances are that you don’t have any time to waste. You need a same day title loan, and we can help you with that!

At PR Title Loan we specialize in lending money to people based on the value of their car or truck. The best part is that you never give up your keys or your possession of the vehicle. The loan is for the title paperwork, which we keep secure for you until the loan is repaid.

Why Wait? Get Cash the Same Day!

There are three ways to get the cash you need today.

Use the handy tool on the left sidebar of this page. This only takes a few seconds, and will give you the loan value of your car or truck. Yes, we also value commercial trucks!

Give us a call! Our loan experts are in the office to expedite the loan process for you. They can give you the loan estimate over the phone, answer your questions, and make this easy process even easier.

Come by and see us. We are here in the office Monday through Saturday, and will help you complete the application. You can handle the entire process in one quick visit, and drive away with your cash the same day.

What You Need to Know

We can only issue title loans if you possess a physical copy of the car title. There are no exceptions to this rule, even if you have a photocopy of a quality picture of the document. If you cannot locate your title, follow this link to request a new one from the government.

This car title needs to have your name on it. If the car title is listed under the name of your wife, your parents, your best friend, or anyone else, you cannot legally get the loan. The owner of record for the vehicle needs to be present.

Being your car, your title, and a photo ID to the office and we will handle the rest.

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