3, January 2020

Pawn Trade or Sell


If you own your car and need some money, you have three options: pawn, trade, or sell.

Your first instinct might be to sell that car, but hold on just a second… allow PR Title Loan to explain why a title pawn may be just the answer you need.


The days of the barter system are long gone. Chances are the only thing you can trade your car for is another car, and you will still owe money!

Exchanging goods is great in some economies, but we need to talk about cash.


There are always people looking for a good used car. Who knows, if you find the right buyer you might even get the book value for the vehicle.

On the other hand, selling a car is not quick or easy. You need to advertise it online, take phone calls, deal with people who like to look and have no intention of buying. If and when you do sell the car you need to transfer the title.

There is another option, involving a lot less work in a lot less time.


With a title pawn, you get to keep the car. You are issued a loan based on the value of your car, which we secure with the title paperwork. You get to drive away in the car, with the money you need.

When you get a title loan from PR Title, we handle all the paperwork. Call the office, or just come on by to see us, and one of our Loan Experts will step you through the process.

How to Get Started

Curious to find out how much your car or truck is worth for a title pawn? If you don’t feel like calling us, just use the tool featured on this page!

By entering the basic information about your car and its condition, we can give you an instant estimate.

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