11, April 2019

New Loan Benefits and Incentives

new loan

One of the hardest tasks to accomplish is getting approved for a new loan. Once you get “in the system” with a bank or lending institution things can be a lot easier. But while you are on the outside looking in, the loan process seems like a minefield.

When you use your car title as security for a loan, the process is a whole lot easier.

A New Loan, A New Day

The benefits of a car title loan make it an easy choice for people in need of a little extra money. This isn’t like a mortgage or a personal loan, title loans are smaller and designed for faster repayment.

This makes the application process much quicker than any you might have dealt with before. Approval happens within minutes, not days, and in most cases you get the funds you need the very same day.

You never have to give up your vehicle. After our loan experts take a look at the car and verify the title paperwork, you drive away with cash in hand.

Wait, It Gets Better

Aside from the speed and convenience of our title loans, there is an even greater benefit to be had:

30 days no charge on your new loan.

Every new title loan, every new customer, gets 30 days of no interest, no fees, no charges of any kind. If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with our service, just return the principle and drive away without spending a dime out of your pocket.

This is not a gift, this is a signing bonus. We are so sure than once you join the “PRTL Family” you will be happy you did.

PR Title Loan offers the top notch customer service you deserve, and experience you need, and the speed and convenience you want.

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