12, December 2019

Holiday Cheer Doesn’t Have a Price Tag

holiday cheer

Money doesn’t grow on trees. For a lot of us, it’s harder to come by than ever before. Even though our culture leans heavily into the idea we need to spend money to have a good holiday, it’s time to break away from that way of thinking.

A good holiday is about so much more than gifts, or money, and it’s high time we appreciated that!

Singing of the Aguinaldos

The Christmas carols called aguinaldos are the sound of the season. You can find them in the misas de aguinaldo masses held in the mornings, or out and about in your neighborhood with a parranda.

If no one is singing in your neighborhood, why don’t you start your own parranda? Spread the cheer of the holiday season, all without spending a dime.

Nochebuena, the Best Meal of the Year

Tradition means a lot to us, but that doesn’t mean you can’t build your own traditions.

For the normal Christmas feast, many stick with the tried and true dishes of pasteles, lechon, arroz con gandules, and tembleque. There is no reason to restrict yourself to any one recipe, to add new dishes, and do whatever you can to make it the most memorable food you’ll eat all year.

What you eat isn’t nearly as important as who you eat it with.

Familiares y Amigos

Advertisers and corporations want us all to think of Christmas and the entire holiday season as a reason to spend money. While there is nothing wrong with buying gifts for those we love, we all have to keep in mind that spending money is not what this is supposed to be about.

Family, friends, community, peace, love, friendship, prosperity – all of those things that make the borinquen people the most amazing people in the world.

No matter how you spend your holiday, all of us here at PR Title Loan wish you the very best.

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