6, February 2020

Flexible Loan Payments offer Convenience

flexible loan payments

When you borrow money, the only freedom you get is approving the loan contract. Because once you sign your name, those repayment rules are locked into place. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to borrow money that offered flexible loan payments?

There is! And if you own your car or truck, you can qualify today.

Flexible Loan Payments

Unlike most other lenders, PR Title Loan offers you repayment options. You have up to 15 months to repay your loan with us… but you are not locked into that schedule.

You can repay your loan within days if you want to!

Or any amount of time in between.

Loans accrue interest over their lifetime, and the quicker you pay that loan off the less you end up paying in interest. Paying it off quickly is the smartest approach to any loan.

Sometimes life doesn’t let you follow the smartest approach. That’s okay! PR Title loan doesn’t penalize you for that! Take your time, make your normal monthly payment, and don’t stress about hidden fees being piled on.

Be it days, weeks, months, or even more than a year, we have the loan that fits your finances.

What Sets Us Apart

Most title loan companies are in the business of collecting cars. They loan you money, then send the repo man out to steal your vehicle after you miss a payment.

We do not collect cars. We hold paperwork. We keep the title to your vehicle until the loan is paid back, then return it to you. We do not want your car or your truck. We just want your business!

We are confident that once you meet our friendly staff and experience our fast service you will become a customer for life.

We are SO confident of this that we offer the first 30 days of your loan with ZERO interest and ZERO fees! All that plus flexible loan payments! So what do you have to lose?

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