28, March 2019

The Loan You Need, When You Need It


Borrowing money is never easy. But if you own your vehicle, car truck or motorcycle, then securing a loan is a much faster process then you think.

The problem with finding loans is that banks have to “take a chance” on you. There is a fair amount of risk involved for them, so they have to evaluate if you are a good investment.

When you own your vehicle the process is so much simpler!

When you use your title paperwork to secure your loan you:

… Receive your funds faster

… Fill out less paperwork

… Obtain better interest rates

And when you come to PR Title Loan, you also get the first 30 days of the loan free of all interest and fees.

A Different Kind of Loan

Normally when you borrowing money you are asking for it. With a title loan you aren’t asking for anything, you are trading the title paperwork for cash.

At no point do you ever give up your vehicle! All we need is the title for it.

Once the money has been repaid we return the title… until next time you need a little extra cash.

You have as long as you need to repay the funds, up to 18 months. However, if you want to save money on interest you have the option to pay the loan off as quickly as you choose.

This is a different kind of borrowing, geared specifically toward car and commercial truck owners, and streamlined to be quick and painless.

To find out how much your car or truck can get you today, call our office or send an email.

If you are just curious about what we have to offer, use the free tool on the side of the page for a lightning fast estimate.

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