3, September 2020

Lending the Ethical and Responsible Way

PR Title Loan is not just another lender. We are locally owned and operated, with deep roots in the San Juan community. To provide the best possible service to our clients, we follow a strict pledge of responsible and ethical lending.

We do business the old fashioned way — the right way. And here is how…

Ethical Lending Pledge

As a member of the local business community, PR Title Loan is a title pawn company that maintains full compliance with all local and federal regulations.

Beyond that, it means we are looking to make long-lasting financial relationships that can last for years to come. We never pursue the business of people we reasonably believe won’t benefit from it. We also won’t lend more money that a person can reasonably afford to pay back.

Fortunately our flexible loan repayment options provide the borrower with many great options. Pay off early and save on interest, or take all the time to need. But we will protect our clients best interests by not lending them more than they can repay.

No Pressure

Another aspect of our vow to lend responsibly and ethically is to avoid high pressure tactics at all time.

We will not push you into taking a loan you don’t want, nor will we encourage to borrow more than you need.

We do not need to do those things, because we provide all the information you need right here. Our policies, our rates, all of our benefits, are here on the website. If you have any questions or concerns, email us or call the San Juan office and one of our loan experts will help.

We want you to make an informed choice, because we know that we are the best choice in San Juan. Click here to get started

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