9, January 2020

Earthquake Essentials for Emergency Preparedness


Before last week, most of us had never even thought about an earthquake before. Now it is a part of our reality, one more test for Puerto Rico by Mother Nature. Going forward, everyone needs to have an earthquake kit (or earthquake preparedness kit) for their home.

Before another one hits the island, take the time to put together the things that will help you the most in times of emergency.

Earthquake Kit Essentials

Water: It is recommended you have one gallon of clean water per person, per day.

Food: Only non-perishable food items that don’t need refrigeration. Do not forget a can opener!

Light and Heat: Flashlight and extra batteries is a good start. Have several different fire-starters (lighters, matches).

Medical Supplies: The most essential medical items should get the highest priority, this includes all regular medications you and your family take. Don’t forget any needed hygiene or sanitation products. Also, get the biggest, nicest first aid kit you can afford.

Cell Phones and Chargers: Make sure you don’t run out of charge, so you can always stay in contact.

Important Information: Have hard copies of any documentation you may need. Also have a written record of emergency contact information, and don’t just store it all on your phone.

Cash: The chances of credit and debit cards working are slim. Have currency on hand.

Pet Supplies: Food, water, and meds for your animals is important, but so is a collar and leash to keep them safely with you.

Additional Earthquake Supplies that Can Prove Helpful

You can’t always have everything you need in time of emergency. The following items can all be extremely useful after an earthquake. Consider adding them to your preparedness kit if you can.

Duct Tape, Plastic Sheeting, and tool to secure your home. In the event of broken windows or ruptured roofing, have the material you need to patch up your home and protect yourself from the elements.

Towels, and Extra Clothes and Shoes. Better to have more than you need, then not enough.

Rain gear and Work Gloves. It may be nasty out for a while, so be prepared for it!

Entertainment Items. Maybe not a high priority, but you should have something to keep yourself from going crazy if the power goes out!

You can’t always have everything you need, but having an emergency preparedness kit (or a “bug-out bag”) gives you the advantage when the next earthquake strikes.

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