16, January 2020

Earthquake Car Tips

earthquake car

Unfortunately earthquakes are now a reality in Puerto Rico, and something we all need to be mindful of the future. Last week we gave you some tips for your earthquake preparedness kit. This week we want to share some more important information, and give you some earthquake car tips.

If an earthquake hits while you are driving, or behind the wheel, what should you do?

Stay Well Clear of Danger!

Move your vehicle away from trees, overpasses, power lines, buildings, and anything else that could fall or collapse.

Slow, Stop, and Stay Put!

Slow down as safely and quickly as possible and stop your vehicle. If possible, park away from other vehicles. Do not park under or near anything. Once you are safe, stay in your vehicle, turn on your radio and listen for news and updates.

Are You Okay?

Check yourself for injuries. When the shaking is passed, then check your vehicle for damage and make sure it is still in working condition.

Your first instinct might be to call for help, or to call friends and family. Unless you have an actual emergency, stay off the phone! There may be hundreds or even thousands of people needing help, so keep the line clear unless there is no other choice.

Getting Back Home

Once it is safe to drive again, only proceed with the utmost caution. Even if the quake as passed, there could still be damage and danger in the aftermath.

Avoid bridges, ramps, and overpasses (don’t go on them and don’t go under them, either!)

Go slow, look for obstructions in the road, or damage to the road itself.

If there is a downed power line, even one that looks inactive, avoid it at all costs. Do not drive over it!

Earthquake car tips are not for the protection of your car or truck, they are about protecting you.

A vehicle can be fixed, or replaced, but you can’t.

If you’d like more earthquake car tips, or an estimate for a secured title loan, call or click today!

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