22, August 2019

Wanda Vazquez: A New Day for Puerto Rico

Wanda Vazquez

Congratulations to our new Governor, Wanda Vazquez!

After so many weeks and months of political upheaval, protests, and shady dealings, it seems like a new light has dawned on the shores of Puerto Rico.

Our new Governor, former Justice Secretary Wanda Vazquez, has a lot of major problems to tackle. Thankfully, she can start her work to unite Puerto Rico and lead us to greater prosperity.

Former Governor Ricardo Rossello resigned after massive protests and public outcry put a black cloud over his whole administration. While Rossello tried to hand-select his own replacement, the people of Puerto Rico wanted a change.

Gov. Vazquez could be that change we have all wanted, and needed.

Politically, she has gathered support from across the spectrum. Regardless of the political party, all citizens want to move past the scandals and focus on fixing the country’s problems.

With Vazquez we all have a fresh start. We all want the same things, we are all willing to work hard, and now hopefully we have the leadership we have long needed.