Car Title Cash Advance

10, May 2018

Getting the Most From Your Car Title Loan

For anyone that owns their own vehicle, a car title loan can be a powerful financial tool. For many of us, a car is a necessary expense. Between the gas, upkeep, and insurance, sometimes they seem like more trouble than they are worth. With PR Title Loan, you can turn that expense into extra cash.Read More …

3, May 2018

Private Lenders Offer a Safe and Fast Alternative

Private lenders like PR Title Loan provide a safe and fast alternative to the big banks. For many people, banks are simply not an option. Borrowing money has become an invasive and extremely time consuming process, and the banks make it as grueling as possible. There is gratuitous paperwork, interviews, document faxing, and even moreRead More …

26, April 2018

Put Your Car to Work with a Fast Cash Title Loan

A lot of people work for their cars. Some people use their cars for work. But there are a select few that figured out how to make their car work for them. A fast cash title loan will keep you in your vehicle, and give you a cash loan for the title paperwork. You keepRead More …

19, April 2018

Online Title Loans Make Borrowing Fast and Easy

In the San Juan area, there are several great options for title loans. But the amount of time it would take to drive around and compare the loan amounts, and terms of service, is prohibitive. The speed and convenience of online title loans gives you all the information you need before ever leaving the house.Read More …

12, April 2018

Car Title Loans Give Vehicle Owners an Edge

The mere fact that you own a vehicle gives you a financial edge over those who do not. Car title loans are among the fastest and safest loans you can find anywhere on the island. Many people see their vehicles as a constant source of expense. You might have needed to take out a loanRead More …

6, April 2018

Why You Should Never Accept Prepayment Penalties

How long does it take to fully repay one of our loans? That depends entirely on how much you borrow, and how eager you are to pay it off! Unlike most of our competitors, we do not hide those sneaky prepayment penalties in the fine print. At PR Title, you can pay off your loanRead More …

29, March 2018

What Makes a Small Loan Better than a Bank Loan?

What is it that makes a small loan better than a bank loan? First of all, a small loan is not appropriate in all situations. We understand that. When it comes to putting a new roof on your home, or buying a brand new automobile, then of course a great deal of capital is required.Read More …

22, March 2018

Why a Title Loan Makes the Best Installment Loan

If you need to borrow money, an installment loan is the safest and most secure kind of loan. It gives you a locked in interest rate, and a set number of payments to make. Other kinds of loans tend to be riskier and more costly for the borrower. But if you take out an installmentRead More …

15, March 2018

Great Puerto Rican Women in History (Part Two)

 Last week we shined a spotlight on a few of the great Puerto Rican women in our long and turbulent history. There was simply not enough room in a single blog to house enough spotlights! For the remainder of the month we will continue to celebrate Women’s History Month. Celestina Cordero In 1820, a freewomanRead More …

8, March 2018

Great Puerto Rican Women in History (Part One)

The strength of Puerto Rico lies in the strength of its women. This year for Women’s History Month we should celebrate the tireless, backbreaking work from some of the greatest Puerto Rican women in our great history. Women who changed history, and transformed Puerto Rico into what it is today.