Car Title Cash Advance

22, February 2018

Auto Title Loans and You : a Quick and Handy Guide

It will only take you two minutes to learn everything you need to know about auto title loans. In that same brief amount of time, you could also apply and receive approval for your loan. Imagine that! One quick trip to the PR Title Loan office, and you can have that cash in your possession.Read More …

15, February 2018

Title Loans Puerto Rico: San Juan and Beyond

When it comes to title loans Puerto Rico is a land of opportunity. In San Juan and beyond, to every part of the island, Boriqua is home to some truly exceptional small loan companies. We like to think we are the best, of course, but we are not alone in this business. In fact, havingRead More …

8, February 2018

Pre Approval is Waiting for You

What does pre approval mean, anyway? Isn’t approval a yes or no type of event. You can be a little bit smart, or very much resourceful, but you can’t be a little bit pregnant, or very much approved. Either you are approved, or you aren’t, right? So what the heck does pre approval mean? OrRead More …

1, February 2018

Quick Cash the Smart Way, Use Your Car Title for the Best Rate

Now more than ever extra money is hard to find. And if you need quick cash, there are not too many options available for most of us. Unless of course you own your vehicle. If you own your car or truck — which means that it is paid off, and is registered in your nameRead More …

25, January 2018

Loan Rates Lower than Ever for Title Loans

To the victor go the spoils. The early bird gets the worm. Speed is the new currency of business. You can ask a thousand scholars and business experts, and they will all agree – acting fast will help you save time and money. This is very true about loan rates, too. Regardless of the actualRead More …

18, January 2018

No Credit is Needed When You Own Your Car

When you’ve got no cash, then at least you still have credit. But if you’ve got no credit, then what is left? At PR Title, you do not need credit. If you own your car, no credit is needed. Why would you need credit when you have a paid-off vehicle that is a valuable assetRead More …

11, January 2018

5 Reasons Our Cash Loans are the Best in San Juan

The buzz has it that our society is rapidly moving towards being a cashless one. Banks prefer to loans money that never actually touches your bank account, and they just transfer funds to a creditor or a different bank. But around here, we still prefer real money. That’s why we offer cash loans for carRead More …

4, January 2018

San Juan Loans Are Always Ready to Help You

Slowly but surely, Puerto Rico is getting back on its feet. As power and connectivity return the businesses of San Juan are starting to regain the tools they need to succeed. Business owners, homeowners, and workers are all seeking complete recovery. Will these be possible with out San Juan loans being taken out? Taking itRead More …

28, December 2017

Borinquen Loans Buy Local Borrow Local

Borinquen loans are one of those rare and wonderful things only available here. Like a traditional Puerto Rican meal, or the view of a sunset from the beaches of the western shore, borinquen loans are something unique for our country and our people.

20, December 2017

All I Want for Christmas is a Loan without a Credit Check

Were you good this year? If so, Santa might just bring you a gift! But only if you pass the credit check. If your score isn’t high enough, you don’t qualify for a gift. Wouldn’t it be terrible if the world worked like this? Sadly, most of the world does. Many financial institutions see peopleRead More …