3, May 2019

Car Value and How to Use It

car value

What is your car value? Many people don’t realize that their car or truck is an untapped resource if they need a little extra cash. Cars and trucks are not just items to be bought and sold, they have value beyond that. Value you can access whenever you want.

The first step is knowing your car value. Even if you have no further plans, it is still helpful to know what the value of your vehicle is…just in case.

How to Find Your Car Value

The value of anything, from a car to a work of art, is entirely subjective. That means that one person may offer a lot of money, and the next person wouldn’t offer a dime.

For this reason it always best to find multiple value estimates. Remember that every number you get will be an estimate so you shouldn’t expect them all to match up.

But most of the estimates should be close. Be suspicious of any offers significantly lower OR higher than the average.

A good starting place is right here. On the left sidebar of the page you will find a fast, free tool to give you the title loan value of your vehicle.

This is one estimate, and collecting several more is the smart move.

What to Do with your Car Value

After you have collected several estimates, you will have a good idea of what your car or truck is worth on the market. This is simply good information to have, even if you do nothing with it.

Now that you do know, you have several options depending on your financial situation and needs.

You can try and sell the car, either to a dealership or direct-sell to another consumer. Since you know the real world value of the vehicle, you will have a better position in negotiations.

Or you can use the title paperwork for that vehicle to secure a title loan. A title loan is based on your car value, and does not require you actually give up the car. If you need a quick loan, borrowing against the value of your vehicle is a worthy option to consider.

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