23, January 2020

Real World Car and Truck Values

truck values

Now more than ever before it’s important to take stock of everything you have, and assess its value. There are few things that change as rapidly as car and truck values. With Puerto Rico going through such upheaval, in terms of both natural disasters and financial growth, you need to know where you stand.

To find your car or truck values, there are a few different things you can try:

Find the book value!

There are several different auto value guides that are highly respected. Many of these resources are now available online. Try a quick Google search for car and truck values, and you will have a lot of options!

Remember, just because the book says it is worth something doesn’t mean you will actually get that amount.

Find the Dealer Value!

A more practical approach will be to see what the car or truck is worth to local dealerships. Where the book value is theoretical, the dealer will give you a real-world assessment. This will invariably be much less than the book value.

Remember, dealers usually offer only trade-ins, and will rarely buy a vehicle for cash.

Find the Title Loan Value!

Title loans are secured loans based on the car and truck values. You are not selling the car, simply trading the title paperwork for a cash loan. You maintain possession of the vehicle at all times, and reclaim the title when the loan is repaid.

A title loan estimate is available for free right here on this website! Even if you don’t want the loan, this will give a great real-world estimate of the value of your car or truck.

Remember, a title loan must be repaid! It’s free to find the information on what you can get, but this is not a car buying service.

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