17, May 2019

Getting the Most from your Car Title

car title

Your car title is the legal paperwork that proves your vehicle belongs to you. Not your parents, not your family, not your bank or credit union – this is YOUR vehicle.

Did you know that you can use that vehicle for more than just driving around?

With that car title, you can use your vehicle to secure a loan without going through the usual piles of paperwork.

A car title loan allows you to borrow cash based on the value of your car or truck. Best of all, you keep the vehicle!

Putting Your Car Title to Work

Along the side of this page you will find a tool for finding the loan value of your car or truck. We even accept commercial grade vehicles! Just enter the baseline information requested, and within minutes we will call you and tell you how much a loan you qualify for.

To be clear, this is simply to determine the loan value. You are not signing up for anything, or agreeing to anything – the first step is just informative. Once you know the value of that car or truck, you can proceed with getting a loan… or you can try another company to see how they stack up!

(Spoiler alert – our offer will be better!)

The next step requires you to visit our office in San Juan, where one of our trained loan experts will hold onto your car title and get you the funds you need.

If you have trouble with the form, or if you just don’t want to fill it out, you can call our office and get the information over the phone!

All you need to get started is a car, and the title for it. We will handle the rest!

If you cannot find your title, follow this link to get a replacement title.

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