21, March 2019

Auto Value, Loan Value & Trade In Value

auto value

To determine your auto value, simply use to the form on the sidebar of this page. At PR Title Loan we work with loans that are secured by the title paperwork for your car or truck. The tool we provide gives you an estimated loan value for your vehicle instantly and free of charge.

You are not signing up for anything or agreeing to any service by visiting the site, or using the form. It is a free service we provide for the curious.

Once you have that information, you have a new weapon in your financial arsenal.

The monetary loan estimate we gave you is not just a theory, it is an estimate of how much money we will loan you. At any time, you can swap out your car or truck title for that money. We will hold onto the title for you until the loan is repaid (up to 18 months, or as quickly as you like).

Is Auto Value the same as Trade In Value?

When you go to a car dealership they will assess your auto value in terms of a “trade in.”

That means they won’t be giving you any cash, they will simply apply that auto value towards the next car you purchase. For this reason the trade in value is often higher than the sale value, because they aren’t actually giving you any cash.

The value that we give you for your vehicle is just an estimate. But it is an estimate of the loan value, which means the amount of money that you will physically receive.

What is the Next Step?

If you do want to claim that auto value and take out the secured loan, just click or call our office. It takes a few minutes visit, for a quick inspection of your vehicle and an exchange of paperwork, and then you drive away with your funds.

We are not buying your car, we are not even keeping your car. Just the title!

If you own your vehicle free and clear, contact us today for more details on your title loan. Even if you don’t own the vehicle, you can still check out the form to find it’s value.

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