12, September 2019

Auto Titles & Secure Loans

auto title

When you own a house, you have a deed that proves your ownership. With the deed in hand you can sell the house if you want, or use it as collateral for a loan. When you own cars, the auto titles give you the same rights and opportunities.

When you have collateral to put up, it makes the process of borrowing money easier, faster, and cheaper. While the auto titles won’t secure you as big of a loan as a house will, it is still a major financial advantage.

How Can I Use Auto Titles?

Bring your car, and a physical copy of the title paperwork, to our San Juan offices. There one of our loan experts does a quick visual inspection of the vehicle, and gives you our loan offer.

If you accept the offer, we take possession of your auto title and give you the money.

We do not take your car, we do not buy your car… we only issue you a loan on the title paperwork. When the loan is repaid, we hand you back your title and that’s that.

What are the Advantages of an Auto Title Loan?

When you are applying for a loan, the first thing the bank or lender does is to check your credit. The credit score or credit history is what most lenders use to determine if you are worthy of a loan or not.

We do business differently. We do not run credit checks on your background. If you own your car, truck, or commercial vehicle and have the title, that’s all you need for a speedy approval process.

By securing your loan with your vehicle, you save a lot of time and paperwork. The loan amount is based on the value of your vehicle, so there is never any need for haggling.

If you own your own car or truck, and need a quick loan to hold you over temporarily, reach out today!

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