1, August 2019

How Your Auto Title Can Help Your Bottom Line

auto title

The auto title is also called the pink slip or the certificate of title. It is a document issued by the state or local government that certifies a person as the legal owner of that car or truck.

From state to state the auto title rules can vary slightly, but often remain very similar no matter where you go. If you want to buy or sell a vehicle, you must have the legal documentation.

Selling or buying a car without the title is not legally binding. Simply having the car in your possession is not enough, you must have the auto title, with your name and the vehicle information on it.

Can’t Find your Auto Title?

Of course the title is just a single piece of paper, which can be very easy to misplace or damage. The best practice is to keep your title someplace dry and secure, but if something happens, there is no need to worry.

Click here for step by step instructions for how to get a replacement copy of your title. It will only take a couple of days and you will have what you need.

The Benefits of Car Ownership

The primary benefit of owning a car or truck is the freedom to go where you want, when you want.

There are other benefits, as well. When you own a vehicle, in your name, fully paid off, you can use that car as collateral for loans.

When you choose PR Title Loan as a lender, you can use that auto title paperwork to secure a loan. You don’t have to give up the car at any point, just the title.

By using your title to secure a loan you can skip over a lot of hassles and red tape you get from banks and credit unions. Best of all, there is no long waiting period.

You can have the funds you want the very same day.

If you have any questions about the process, or what your car is worth, call our San Juan offices and one of our loan experts will assist you.

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